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Author Topic: Reverse merge offer  (Read 2318 times)


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Reverse merge offer
« on: April 19, 2013, 01:53:20 am »
Apparently Ragnarok's upper half is merging into a megaguild, leaving a whole bunch of people behind, and the guy who took over doesn't have time to lead it, and doesn't want to leave behind a dead guild. He was looking for a guild with similar goals, found us, and offered to let us simply take over the guild, including letting us rename it. So we'd retain our name and leadership, but merge into them (they're higher level). It's basically a reverse merge.

Here was the conversation I had with their (temporary) guildmaster:

Him: How is your guild doing?
Me: Quite well, and growing
Him: How do you feel about members who aren't that active..Such as may not come on for 10 days or so?
Me: That's not a problem, there's plenty of room, and we know people have other stuff to do. We generally only kick after a full month, and even then if we haven't heard anything from them as to why they're gone (we assumed they've quit at that point). I'll make sure everyone knows you'll be in and out if planning on joining.
Him: How do you treat low level players?
Me: We generally try to help them, MPD assistance, first dibs on Tree resources, build advice and such when requested, and so on. Our main goal is to have good people in the guild. We're a community above all else, and have groups in a bunch of games. Power comes with time, and is secondary to having a fun group to play with.
Him: Great...that's what I was hoping to hear. In a few days our lvl7 guild building will be available. member fee $3500/week. Would you be interested in moving to Ragnarok as g m as the owner. You can change the name. there would be about 15 members there active between 2 days and 20days. The 12 or so daily actives will be merging with another guild.
Me: I'll need to talk to the rest of the guild to see what they want to do.
Him: Understandable. I am the acting g m. Our former g m has gone to make sure the new guild is ok. So far it looks good and I don't expect him to have a reason to jump back.  I can't stay as g.m. and I don't want the members to come back to a completely dead guild. Let me know what you decide. Thanks, Grimm
Me: Ok, will do. I should have an answer within a day or two. Thanks for the offer either way.
Him: k

As far as I can see...
-We'd pick up 10-15 players, albeit many of them inactive. Still, we'd likely pick up at least one active member, and a few popping in and out.
-We'd get an instant boost to level 7, apparently with all buildings at 6, and likely a couple of 7's.
-We would retain name, leadership, everything. They're essentially merging into us, but we're using their guildhall

-We don't actually know who any of these people *are*, and would likely not be able to meet more than a couple of them before doing this.
-All saved contribution would be forfeit since we're taking them over rather than pulling them in. This includes overall records (for the title).
-We'd have to successfully get OUR people moved over, which could be an issue with 1 or 2 of them.
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