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Current Payout Rules
« on: November 23, 2011, 12:05:02 am »
Base Rate: 1 TB per 3 captured bacons
Bonus: +5% to rate on every 10th cap, maximum of +50% (Bonus resets when the planet does).
Rounding: None on base payout, Normal on bonus
BaconsBase RewardBonusPayout
00 TB+0%0 TB
51 TB+0%1 TB
103 TB+5%3 TB
206 TB+10%7 TB
5518 TB+25%24 TB
10033 TB+50%50 TB
>1001 TB per 3 caps+50%1 TB per 2 caps

Payout Rate: 1 TB per 2 fully processed deposits
100 in one cycle: 1 Tear
200 in one cycle: 1 BE
500 in one cycle: Custom command unit - Any + unit (or BOM) of choice, 4 slots, non-X vars of choice, 1 non-shak I mod of choice
Bonuses are cumulative - You receive all 3 of these if you get 500 in a run.

Base Payout Rate: 1 TB per 20 FP
300 FP in 24 hours: +5 TB
600 FP in 24 hours: +10 TB
1000 FP in 24 hours: +20 TB
These are not cumulative, the highest bonus applies.

Relic Planets
You cap it, you own it. 100% of payout goes to capper. Don't forget to split the reward if it was a team effort.
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