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Author Topic: Intro to Tinywarz Part: 2 Getting rolling  (Read 2189 times)


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Intro to Tinywarz Part: 2 Getting rolling
« on: November 05, 2010, 04:51:00 am »
Hello once again; Many people look at starting this game as a bit overwhelming, so much to learn, so little help.  Basically, if you want to get far, you NEED TinyDayz. Alot of people will say "but i Don't want to pay for this game!"  Well short answer being, "don't"  For this guide I am going to go over the simple ways to get a solid start, and get paid without use of real money.

First, Although I personally have not looked too much into it, there is the "free TinyBucks" button near the top of the main page, not 100% sure how reliable it is, but it may be worth investigating, Remember, Your first payment is only 20TB (TinyBucks) you need to collect, you can ask Trerro or myself for the other 20.

Second, You can level crews to Elite/Elite level, this is quite painless on the training planets, if you're under level 20, each crew will sell for about 2TB, and you can grab more crews to train from your storage when you run out.

Third, You can just focus on leveling, get close to the level 15 cap, and once you have a solid grasp on the game, and battle, gear up and head to Esika, Hunting relics can be quite rewarding, 200 command almost if you hold onto the relics for the entire cycle, or more even, and at current market price 1TB = 55 Command or so.  So killing there, you're bound to E/E a couple crews in the process, and get some free command!

With those three options you're bound to raise the 20 TB needed to pay your account, once paid you will then receive 100cmd/day not 50, making everything a little easier

Lastly, you may want to have a glance at Trerro's post on making money once you're a bit set up and more conferable with the game There.

Thankyou, and as useual, you may ask questions here OR ingame, just give me a shout.. As always, happy hunting :)
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