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Author Topic: Need a bit of help.  (Read 3780 times)


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Need a bit of help.
« on: April 14, 2014, 12:37:40 am »
It's been too long since I last played, and I cannot remember how to access clan chat on KoL, if there is such a thing.  Also, if someone could maybe suggest commonly needed items for clan stash, I could try to help rebuild that.


Edit: Would also super much appreciate Clan Basement access.

Edit 2:  I found clan chat, but no one is ever on, and I assume everyone is too busy to give me any kind of powers.  As much as I understand this, I am choosing to move on and start my own clan for my friends, who all want to clan dungeon with me.  I don't bear any malice toward you guys, but I really want to get moving on my Slime Hates It and Slime-Covered sets.  Thank you for your understanding.
Also, if I could ask that someone refund the Olympic Pool I donated, so that I may continue using it in my new clan, that would be great, but I'm not going to be a douchebag and demand it.
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