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KoB Basic Guide
« on: November 28, 2009, 10:27:29 pm »
Hey all, I copied this from the message boards from in game, it was posted by Anubis_[A] first. I thought might be useful to have it here for anybody thinking of joining in so they don't end up having to trawl through the game messages to find a guide.

Guide for new players:

This is was made for a past round but I think I have fixed anything that has change

If you have played this type of game before these instruction may seem basic but if are new to these type of games they may not give you enough information so just ask any questions you have .   â€œTHE ONLY SILLY QUESTION IS THE ONE YOU DON’T ASK”

These are only guidelines, but coming from an experienced player, these guidelines will get you up and going in pretty much no time. This is the way to start a village from nothing.
There are different playing styles some are builders trying to get there empires to be the best some offensive players and want to fight others defensive either way you will need to get you town running from there you decide if you want troops early or if you will wait.

1. You are going to start with 5000 of each resource. If used right, you can build up just from this it will take time but still more than possible. I recommended that you ask for a help from other players in the realm. So post a message on the realm board introducing yourself and ask for some help getting started other players in the realm will be more than happy to give you enough resources to get started.
It will take time for people to send resources, so to get your town running, first build 1 farm, 1 market, 1 stone quarry, as each building is made train a few workers to get it producing 5 or 10 at this point is fine just keep adding workers a few at a time, now build 1 iron mine, and 1 sawmill and add workers.

2. Now you have one of each of your 5 most important buildings producing resources.
 Note that each level 1 building will hold 100 workers. To increase the number of workers you will need more gold and food to train them, so train more merchants and farmers.

3. So to upgrade or build a second market, farm, etc at this point it is better to build if you have the resources it is cheap and you will increase your worker capacity by 100 workers for that resource with each building once you get to 4 or 5 of one type of building then consider doing upgrades as the cost of the 6th building is getting high. With each upgrade you do you will increase the worker capacity by 25 workers up to level 10 when you upgrade to level 11 you increase the capacity by 100 workers and a level 11 building gives you a bonus 20% production on that  resources. As the game goes along you will switch between making new building and upgrading them.  NOTE a level 11 building is a long way off just includes this so that you are aware of it

4.Warehouses these are cheap to build and will protect your resources if you are attacked so build 1 for each gold, food, stone, wood and iron make sure you set the resource you want protected as it defaults to protecting wood, the amount of resources that are protected increase with the level of the warehouse it is still cheap to increase the level of warehouses so as you resources production increases increase the level of your warehouses “ NOTE ONLY ONE WAREHOUSE FOR EACH RESOURCES”

5. Some people may not agree, but I recommend you do this once you have buildings that are level 4 or 5. Train 500 peasants. 500 peasants is the max amount you can have in a village but they will cut your building and upgrade time in half. As upgrades get bigger they take more time, so it makes sense to cut your building and upgrade time in half. Note peasants are not available in castles or forts

6.  Troops there are a number of troops. You need barracks and stables to train troops I am not going to get to involved about troops here as this is intended to be a basic guide to start a town.

Training troops cost you resources to train and you have to feed and pay your troops so you will need your markets and farms to be producing to keep them.
You can farm other players by farm I mean steal resources from them to help with the cost this is done by attacking either enemies or banished players. Early on low ranked banished players are best most of the time banished players are no longer playing but sometimes you will get a surprise if there just changing realms.  Either way it is better to spy before you attack.  As I said I am not going into troops and attacking here if you need any help ask a royal court member or post a question on the realm board

7. So from here, you should have a good understanding of the game, keep building up your town increasing the number of  farms, markets, sawmills, stone quarries, and iron mines. Keep upgrading and before you know it your empire will be flying along

8. Your rank…    to increase your rank you need to increase your overall score this is done by increasing the score of each of the following categories
Largest Empire
Realm Support
Military Power…..     this is a combination of offense and defense

9. Royal court
If you want to be in the royal court you need to be one of the top ranked players in the realm. If you have aspirations of being the lord you have to be in the royal court and then you need to be elected to the position by the royal court

About Specials

1. Specials - These are magic carpets, magic lamps, genies and belly dancers. Royals get one of each a day, but if you are a member you also get one a day, so if you are a royal and a member, you get 2 a day.

2. Magic lamps - you get 2 lamp lotteries an hour. This gives you the chance to win lamps. Lamps are useful because they will give you a 25% boost on resources. The 25% is on you base production so if using multiple lamps it does not add the second 25% on top of the first lamps 25%.  To work out what each lamp will give you = number of workers x by 25
Eg:  stone masons 500 x 25 = 12500 stone over the 10 hour running period of the lamp

3. Magic Carpets - Carpets give you the ability to speed up attacks. You need a carpet factory to be able to use them. A carpet factory will give you the option to speed up or slow down attacks. You need a carpet to speed up, but not to slow down. As you upgrade the carpet factory it gives you an extra 6% for each level at 66% for a level 11 attack time capability. So speeding up makes sense but why slowing down, well it allows us to time attacks to hit together with other players from the realm, you may need to speed up to reach the attack time, but you may also need to slow it down. That's pretty much the only use for slowing attacks down.

4.Genies - This valuable and hard to come by special allows you to train troops or works instantly that is if you have the resources and buildings to support them, they also allow you to complete a building upgrade with a click of the mouse it should only be used to upgrade to a level 10 or 11, as it's pretty much a waste otherwise. Just remember, they are hard to come by as the game goes along.

5.Belly dancers - each belly dancer increases the morale of a town, castle or fort by 50% as per lamps it is on you base morale. So morale is the same as spirit (morale = spirit) Spirit determines when you can build a second village and so on. But the morale has a second purpose. The higher your village morale, the harder it is for someone to conquer your village. Your village morale is controlled by how much you upgrade your town center. Once it reaches a level 11, you will have a capped morale of 350,000. But your hourly morale will still builds your spirit if you reach your village capacity.  How much will belly’s increase your spirit  look at the morale of the town, castle or fort were you plan to run it
Eg: morale  per hour 2000 ÷ 2 = 1000 per hour  this is on the base morale rate
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