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Author Topic: Known Shak Stats  (Read 4985 times)


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Known Shak Stats
« on: September 23, 2010, 07:49:53 am »
As we fight Shak (and get info from other players), we're slowly figuring out info on them. Check this post often for updates. :)

Command spam rules:
Command Spam works only on odd numbered turns.
EMP Pulse (the 15% shield drain) does not work at all, on any Shak unit.

Shak unit stats:

Shields: Roughly 600, with 15% regen
Armor: Roughly 600, with roughly 5% auto-repair
Our current guess is 650 shield and 550 armor.
Speed: 4
Range: 3 or 4, appears to be 3
Damage: Appears to be 3 33 damage range 3 guns (50 damage at point blank).
The guns are also acid. Each hit does 5 acid damage for a few turns straight to armor, and this stacks if you take multiple hits. However, acid cannot lower armor below 10. Be careful, Acid weapons also deal 150% damage to armor, so avoid taking hits on armor if at all possible.
Targetting: Appears to be completely random amongst all in range targets.
Protection: MDII (40% damage reduction vs. missile)
Command Immunity: Mass Confusion and False Orders

Shields/Armor: Either 800 total or 1000 total, 20% shield regen
Speed: 5+, likely 5.
Range: 10
Damage: Odd... 20 damage missiles (3 of them) with 45 EMP damage per shot. The EMP occurs AFTER combat, so it's not quite as insane as it initially looks. Harbingers, if alone, are actually *very* easy to kill... just watch out for the harb/spitter combo.
Targetting: Appears to aim for the largest shield.
Protection: EDII

Shields/Armor: Either 1000 total or 800 total... whichever the Harbinger isn't, 25% shield regen, 4-5% armor regen.
Speed: 8
Range: 9
Damage: 50x3 ACOM, so 25 on non commanders.  Listic with a strange variant of ACom. Not only can it reset your cools, but it can force you to fire them. This can be particularly bad if it's something like forced recall making you kill a minion with a necro.
Targetting: Appears to aim for wherever it can screw up the most actis.
Note: 15 damage PDS (appears to fire every turn when in the same sector as a slave AI)
Protection: Likely BDII since the other 2 have the other 2

Shields/Armor: Something ridiculous - Do not attempt without several people involved
Speed: 6
Range: At least 3, probably a lot higher
Damage: 6 guns, 2 of each type, kinda like a BOM on crack.
Energy: 50 damage per gun at range 3
Listic: 63 damage per gun, seriously
Missile: 28 damage per gun

Drops seem to be 1-3 of either the unit's type of weapon, or Tear, with likely low chance of a BE.
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Re: Known Shak Stats
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2010, 06:34:23 pm »
Deathowler - hit for 114, dropped it to 99%

Therefor, 10% of its shield can be logged at 55, so its max shield is 550, Knowing this, you can see its shield Regen as 20%, or 110, as that extra 4 damage i did kicked it down to 99%

Since you believe they have roughly 1200 max, I'm going to assume about 650 armor.
They also have armor regen.. roughly 4% a turn.

...its been a long time since I've worked with real numbers, so Chris please double check my logic?

Doomspitter - Point defense, 15 or so unblockable sector wide damage, trigger unknown, 0 cooldown

3x Listic guns, 50dmg each (ACom'd, so 25 normal?), 7+ range.
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Re: Known Shak Stats
« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2011, 10:03:41 am »
Queens have about 1-1.5k of both shields and armor. Both have 20% regen AT LEAST. The guns are same as the smaller guys with same AEMP, ACom and Acid effects.

Harbs have 5 total speed. I've also seen splitters move 9. Howlers have 4 range but they have crazy to-hit bonus.

All shak have AOA ability if they sit still i.e. +3 to-hit.