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Author Topic: TW is for sale for 5 grand... should we?  (Read 7032 times)


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TW is for sale for 5 grand... should we?
« on: September 06, 2014, 05:26:08 am »
We've certainly got enough people to run it, but some combination of us would need to chip in to add up to that amount, as I don't think any of us are sitting on that kind of money.

It was a great game, it would be cool to be able to revive it, and there's all sorts of stuff we could do with it, but of course, 5k could do a lot of other stuff too.

So, what do people think? Should we go for it?
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Re: TW is for sale for 5 grand... should we?
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2014, 05:45:26 am »
I'll start with the optimistic of we can probably not just run it, but do a full fledged revival of it.

I bounced a few ideas off of Tre's horns and some of it stuck.  Stuff like doing a twin server deal: the perpetual world everyone is used to as it stands, but also a server that is a seasonal thing, where every so often the server undergoes a partial reset, preserving some set of stats like a selected fragment of their storage, their strux, and their currencies, and the top players and factions all get a mark on their name and a slight bene for doing it (non-combat of course).

Then there's the plethora of ideas we can put in, and that's just what we rattled around, I haven't even cracked open the TW forums to see what lies in there.  One big idea being a planet whose deployment 'zone' changes every cycle, allowing it to be an event planet of sorts with different rules each deployment.

And then there's making the bandits more... interesting (can you say mods and variants on them, that actually DO something?)

So I'd be game for a go, though until I get another paycheck I can't pitch in much until Friday, but yeah, I'd help with that.  I personally feel we can revive this game, especially if one of the requirements of the sale is the full email list of all the players so that we can send a mass mail out stating that "Tinywarz" is coming back. (because why Drop Shock?)


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Re: TW is for sale for 5 grand... should we?
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2015, 07:04:27 pm »
Is this still a thing?  I have some money I've been saving that I can chip in.

I'm on board with the idea.  It will give me something fun to do with all this game developer experience I've been building up.

I like a lot of Sonya's ideas, and I'd 100% be behind implementing some of that.  I'm more of a back end person, anyway, but I know my way around databases and whatnot, and I really think we can breathe life back into the game.  Hell, we did so once, before, when we gave PGF and Merc a third thing to worry about.