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Author Topic: Expert Mode  (Read 7677 times)

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Expert Mode
« on: June 28, 2018, 08:05:48 am »
For anyone who liked playing Terraria and didn't see that update slide through, they expanded the game some with a few new bosses like the Lunatics, and also made Expert Mode (not to be confused with Hardmode or -core).  This is a per world setting, and it greatly boosts the difficulty of the game while also giving unique rewards (most notably the consumable from beating the Wall of Flesh that unlocks another accessory slot for use in Expert worlds.  It not only boosts the single player difficulty, but it also corrects the scaling for additional players in multiplayer so that bringing a party doesn't make bosses feel weak.

On another note: I'm thinking about taking another crack at this if anyone wishes to join my foolish endeavor.