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Author Topic: The_black_assalant returns as Faith  (Read 14596 times)


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The_black_assalant returns as Faith
« on: June 26, 2018, 12:37:56 am »
Once upon a Time I played as
the black assalant
In a game called kings of chaos.

I played in a few games with the then RA "the rising alliance"

I settled down in Runescape with Kerwerble and Viggodam. And have been silently grinding there for nearly 15 years.

We played atlantica for a time, but it become to pay to pawn.

I also currently dabble in a game called zgirls on android.

A little about me.

I play a female avatar known as Faith, currently with a clan named forever outcast where I'm an admin. Revel precedes my name in honor of the clan I spent years in before it died.

12 years ago during a quest on a role playing world, admittedly I was drinking a few drinks. I "haha" got into it with a NPC named the make over mage. Part of the quest required you to be a female charecter. I made a huge fuss out of it blah blah blah. When went back to finish I was still mouthing her and there was another player telling me not to make her mad. So I kept mouthing telling her to get busy and change me back....the other player picked up the role of the mage and refused to turn now Faith, back into The black assalant. So I role played the mad now female kicking her feet and whining and over time she excepted her fate and decided one day she would return and the mage would see the black assalant had changed and would restore him.

I become attached to the look of the female avatars in other games, and so now I just play as Faith in all the games I play.

My stats in Runescape are max 99 in all skills, 120 in invention. My bank is 1.4 bill cash and gear. I am a solo bosser, but love to take teams and teach new players.

There is a free world and paid world. You can make enough on a mid level accout to pay for a subscription.

It is good to be back. I really hope I see some old faces.
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Re: The_black_assalant returns as Faith
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2018, 09:03:11 pm »
Welcome back!

I'm not sure if we still have other Runescapers, but there's probably a few, and I'll add a forum for it if there is.
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