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Author Topic: CC Updates  (Read 8063 times)


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CC Updates
« on: September 19, 2015, 06:51:30 pm »
We have done (and are doing) several things to get us moving again.

1. We've launched a new site, This will eventually have several tools, scripts, etc for various games, as well as a wiki with info and guides on everything we play. The wiki is up at As it was *just* launched, there isn't much beyond a main page, but for anyone who'd like to start adding stuff, the software is ready to go. We may also try to become *the* Wiki for TW, which could help get us running. This can lead to all sorts of cool stuff, including a much more active site, a much easier time forming guilds and such, and us having an actual budget.

2. You may have noticed that our forum software version is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay outdated. This is largely because I was waiting for an API script to update to version 2, and our skin to likewise update. At the point, the second has happened, and it doesn't look like the first is ever going to. I'm going to start experiementing with v2 this weekend, and assuming it can convert our DB easily, we should soon be upgrading. If not, we're still upgrading, it's just going to take longer as I'll need to write a huge pile of SQL to do it manually.

3. With Tools of Chaos being a thing, we'll be simplifying's main page to focus on community elements - forums, chat, guilds, etc, with a link out of the for the rest. ToC will in turn do the opposite. We're eventually looking to have accounts work on both, but this way, people can use either or both as desired.

Some minor things:
-The Iron Grip: Marauders forum has been nuked. The game was shut down several months ago, and the forum had a whole 2 posts in it, so there's no reason to keep it around.

-Everyone that was playing on the Minecraft server is currently stuck in jobs from hell and other weird schedules, so we've taken it back down. Restoring it (or starting up a new one) would take a matter of hours, and can (and will) be done as soon as there's any demand for it - we're simply avoiding paying a second server bill for something that isn't used.

-It may look like we're dead from the extremely low activity for these forums, but a good number of our members are in regular contact with each other, and we have most definitely NOT given up on CC.
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Re: CC Updates
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2015, 03:08:35 am »
WOOT! ;D Still waiting for that file upload thingamabob to work on the Wiki.

Also, do we have an email server set up for account confirmations and password resets? I'm guessing the inactivity in the forums could be due to people being unable to reset their passwords themselves and not having ways to contact you for that.

Also, in terms of design, are we still going with what inuko23 mocked up?
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