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Author Topic: Minecraft the third  (Read 9613 times)

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Minecraft the third
« on: March 01, 2015, 07:20:27 am »
We have an MC server up, again.  This time we are using Neverminde for our mod, with no others installed at this time.  Forge for 1.7.10 is required, and has a handy installer now so you don't have to go through any steps involving WinRAR or META-INF.

For more information about the mod:

Go to and click on the Installer-Win link for 1.7.10. For those of you unfamiliar with adfly, the page that comes up will show an ad, probably fake download links and such, but there's a countdown in the upperright corner of the window that will count down to Skip Ad.  Click this when it does so, and you'll be prompted to save the .exe that is your installer.  Run that.

Navigate to!R8lAkSZT!Y1HrBgXI6_BD7fGHeA3Cfy4iueseJYO-C5x3DfGTMXQ and click on the download that shows up in the middle of the window, underneath of a filename involving nevermind 1.1.6.  This will start a 'download' that preloads it to your machine somehow through an app, then gives you the browser's "Hey do you want to download this?" and when you hit yes the file is dumped without delay into your downloads.  You'll want to go to your .minecraft folder (the other minecraft setup threads will tell you how to get there) and create a folder called "mods" there if you don't have it already, and drop the nevermine jar in.

If you have done this all right, you will start up MC normally but before hitting Play on the launcher you will go Edit Profile and select the forge version instead of the normal MC version.  Then just save and hit play and you should have nevermine installed.  Server IP is, port is the standard  so you don't have to enter it manually.

Server admin and restart threads will be updated by the dragon, who (kinda) knows what he's doing, when he awakens from his hibernation.

NOTES: There are a LOT of hostiles in this, even during the day time.  We started out on a lonely island offshore, too.
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