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Author Topic: Heroes Trail Part 1 Update and Shadow Gears  (Read 18538 times)


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Heroes Trail Part 1 Update and Shadow Gears
« on: August 21, 2014, 10:01:08 pm »
The new instances are accessible from the Midgard Camp in the Ash Vacuum.

Face Worm instance has you fighting the monsters from the manhwa. Face Worm Queen will shed its skin as its HP is depleted. Each time it sheds its skin, its element changes for an extra challenge. Reward is a neat dagger.

iRO will also be getting Shadow Gears, which are an extra set of gears you wear alongside your base gears.

Costume tab on the equipment window is now Special Equipment tab and that is where all Costumes and Shadow Gear equips are to be placed. Shadow Gears are meant to be sold in the Kafra Shop, but iRO is currently having a special event in which they drop from special Thief Bugs all over the world. If you guys don't want to pay for the gears, log on and hunt those bugs before it's too late!
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