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Author Topic: Been a while,but need some help  (Read 8171 times)


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Been a while,but need some help
« on: January 18, 2013, 01:38:53 am »
As I am sure many of you have noticed a long hiatus form the cluster.

First off let me tell you I alive and well/fat and happy.

Your ass lance has gone back to school and got his ged topping in the top 20% of graduating students in the state. Please hold the applause to lower rawer  ;D

Any way here is the deal,I have taken a page from are very own terro and gone in to the computer field. I am enrolled in desktop support track witch does a little bit of everything from coding and network admin,to security and hardware.

We are being given a chance at a few extra points of credit "im in 101 just starting or i would likely know" Where the primary binary library is located in the files on my computer

I'm on my same dell 2400 that i have been on since the start of my ra carer. The professor of the class was unsure where it would be located as well and thats why it is extra credit and we was told we could use any resource at are readily available hands to try and find a answer and I thought maybe one of the chaos cluster people would.

Plus it gives me a chance to update the guys and girls what i have been up to on my long down time.

Terro perhaps after i get thru my first set of coding classes i can bend a professionals ear a touch on the fundamentals and ethics of using the power of code  :P haha 
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