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CC in a Nutshell
« on: March 20, 2012, 03:46:26 am »
The name Chaos Cluster isn't just something that sounds cool, it's an explanation of who we are as a community.

Chaos: We're built on positive chaos. We have no rigid hierarchy, no one barking orders, no mandatory... pretty much anything. We're here to have fun and help each other - it's that simple. This is, above all else, who we are.

Cluster: We have groups in many games, as well as other stuff going: RPs, chats, forums, pretty much whatever people want to start. All of this is clustered into a community. You'll often hear us refer to the faction as "part of CC" because it is - CC, collectively, is the whole community. The game we were founded on died several years ago. Other factions, guilds, and clans will rise and fall, whether due to the game dying or everyone playing it having a collective "yeah, we're done here" moment, but CC lives on.

What this means beyond the obvious:
-The community *always* comes before the game. That doesn't mean we don't try to win (although we do tend to not especially care about rank and such), but it does mean we make decisions primarily towards maximizing the enjoyment of the game, and towards getting people interested in being long-term CC members.

-Want a CC group in something we don't have one in? Go right ahead and start it.

-Our primary fac chat is run through XFire, not through in-game chat. We highly recommend downloading that (it's tiny and free).

-We run a forum site ( It's good to use this for long-term stuff, especially when you can't always find who you're looking for.

-Everyone always has input in the running of the fac, never feel afraid to speak up. We're serious about having little to no hierarchy - leadership mostly just means privileges. The power of your voice on an issue is not determined by your position on a list, it's determined by what you say.
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