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Author Topic: Askin for Help!  (Read 2005 times)


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Askin for Help!
« on: November 30, 2011, 01:38:01 am »
From: Samhayne
To: Lomaz    Sent: 2:00pm 11-28-11
Asking for advice

Here is the units I would want some advice about how to use (and setup), as until now they are just taking dust in my storage:

Bandit Overlord - 4s - EM variant
Bandit Thug - 4s - DE variant
Bandit Thug - 4s - MR variant
Gatlinger - 4s - DRS variant (x2)
Hiveminder - 4s - DES variant
Nightstalker - 4s - DMR variant
Scout Sniper - 4s - MR variant
Shadow Assassin - 4s - DES variant
Silentdeath - 4s - DER variant (x3)
Silentdeath - 4s - ERS variant

I have a few power-ups to change variants or integrate mods (int.mods to int.unit) if needed.

Also here is some setups I use or plan to use, I would also appreciate some opinion about them:

Killfox DMI with Adv.Targ.Laser/Gyrojet Rnd/6th Sense/Trigun + (integrated) Deathdealer
--> used on Esika (Pvp)

Killfox DMSI with Adv.Targ.Laser/Balanced Ammo/6th Sense/Expl.Ammo + (integrated) Deathdealer
--> used on Esika (Pvp)

Gladiator DR with Adv.Optic/Gyrojet Rnd/6th Sense/Deathdealer
--> used on Esika (Pvp)

Gladiator DMSI with Adv.Targ.Laser/Gyrojet Rnd/6th Sense/Crusader + (integrated) Deathdealer
--> planned for Esika (Pvp)

Juggernaught DER with Crusader/Facenorth/Hightower/Powered Hydr.Acti
--> planned for Zedus