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Author Topic: Island Status  (Read 5695 times)

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Island Status
« on: November 03, 2011, 06:55:18 am »
Security Clearance SMT:Provisional [GRANTED]

Much of our island was destroyed by the IPB detonation, but fortunately, we had contingency plans in place. Falsa currently believes us to be dead, and it will soon be time to take advantage of this situation.

It does not appear that any Risa operatives have been captured, which puts us in a very good position.

For those who were unable to receive our recent communications, your SMTs will still work as expected, and Entrance 3 is still up, just... disguised within the rubble. You should have no problem finding it if you've been there before. Supply kits are available within: As always, be sure to have at least 1 weapon and 3 means of escape, and should you choose to employ it in your kit, DO NOT SQUEEZE THE DUCKY.

Zippy out, more info to follow in the coming weeks...
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