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Author Topic: Happenings in the Chaos Cluster world (IC2, 1.8.1)  (Read 5139 times)

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Happenings in the Chaos Cluster world (IC2, 1.8.1)
« on: October 10, 2011, 01:17:11 pm »
Well established bunker located!  Connection established to it via Nether portals, need metallic boots to access without a long climb up the mountain.  Rumor has it there is a powerful solar array coating the top of this fort, all powering a mystical Matter Generator.  It's said that one can earn bits of the precious UU-Matter by helping clean the machine if it.  It is also said that at night, one might be able to see a brilliant glow off in the distance, somewhere just past the fort, and it looks like some kind of machine is generating this glow.  It is said that his machine is really a Nuclear Reactor, and with no guards or traps visible so it is possible one could sneak in and use it themselves!  Now and then the occupant returns with a backpack full of what must be raw ores, because shortly after the return a great ruckus is raised, one rivaling that you might hear in a mighty factory!  What other mysteries are within this mighty stone fortress?  Is the owner friend or foe?  Are there traps waiting for the foolish to enter, or are the machines unguarded and easily accessed by outsiders?

((More to come, I need sleep before I try to add on to this, but I'm welcome to others adding on themselves))

The bunker continues to grow!  It has expanded outwards, doubling the size of it's roof, more rooms must be getting added, and word has it there's a door into the hillside right there behind the fort.  Upon closer inspection, it has been found that there is a lever, and when flipped cobblestone is pushed up out of the floor!  Not just one piece, though, but three stacks, and there seems to be no end to them not matter how hard one may try to get rid of it all!

More reactors!  Upon a closer inspection, it would appear as if one massive reactor is meant for usage while the rest are setup as some kind of cooling tanks for components.  Perhaps this is how they manage not to melt anything down despite long hours of constantly running.
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