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Giant FP Contest!
« on: December 15, 2010, 08:49:36 pm »
Our last contest went pretty well, so we're going to start up another, larger, contest. The contest will involve basically everywhere that FP can be earned, in an effort to move the faction forward.

Our scoring system for this contest will be as follows:
Hadeus beacon: 1 point per capture. Although boring, this can be a great way to rack up a lot of points. Remember that we also pay 1 TB/beacon, so in general, you can expect a large payout from a run here, even if you come nowhere close to winning a contest prize. Also, although it's boring, once your net is set up, you really only have to pay attention every 20 minutes or so, so you can easily be doing something fun at the same time. Now that we've reached 100k FP and Had beacons are worth far less, we now pay 1 TB and you get 1 point per 3 beacons. This can still be a decent source when Dom isn't available, but we recommend sticking to Dom when possible.
If you don't know how to run Hadeus, I've written a full guide here:

Dominus ore running: 3 points per fully processed Unknown Ore deposit. Catching the timing on this can be tricky, but if you manage it, you'll get far more captures in the same period of time than you would on Hadeus. You can even level at the same time, as the planet has pretty strong bandits. Additionally, during this contest, we will be awarding 1 TB per Unknown as well. We haven't decided what the rate will be after the contest... it's going to largely depend on what that ore actually does.
I've written a guide for this one too:

Zed beaconing: 1 point per 30 FP gained (1 point per 5 turns, IF you survive.) We're emphasizing this slightly less than Had and Dom because it's far easier to get people to do it, and because the TB payouts are already quite substantial on successful runs.
I did write a guide for this, but since most of Zed is about single unit pvp in general, 1 post won't cover it fully. Here's the guide though:

Aldus beaconing: 1 point per 20 FP gained (Note: Aldus' beacon has really crappy FP payouts. Unless you're there to level and basically trip over the thing without looking for it, don't bother. Also of note, the Aldus beacon doesn't work like Zed's - you DO keep payout you've earned, so when in doubt, bail out. :P It just isn't worth fighting to hold this thing with a real unit.
There isn't much of a guide to write. Cap the beacon if you find it, bail out if you don't like the odds. The end. :P

Hellion noding: 1 point per 20 FP gained. Note: The per turn payouts are a pain in the ass to track, so I can't promise we'll catch this exactly. The every 720 turn ones are obvious though. Be very careful. Hell attracts a lot of bored vets that like to claim easy kills.
I haven't written a guide for this as only a few of us can really handle army combat (and none of us can do it on a constant basis). Generally, if you're not fighting bandit nodes, guerrilla warfare is the way to go. If people want a guide though, I'll write one for this as well.

Other methods: We may award some bonus points for various things in the future, such as recruiting members, participating on the forums, etc. We're still working on the details of this.

IMPORTANT: DS is an ever-changing game, so we may change both the point rules and the normal payout rules in response to game changes that occur during the contest. This will of course not affect anything you've already earned.

To win the contest, you need to be the first CCer to reach 1000 points. These can be earned by absolutely any combination of the above, so mix and match however you choose.

1st place: You'll win a shiney new command unit, built and modded exactly to your desired spec.
-It will be activated (a + unit)
-It will be 4 slots, and 3 vars, and you will get to choose which 3 normal (not X) vars you want
-It will come with an integrate PU, so you can add a 5th mod of your choice
-It will come with any 5 mods you choose. The only restriction is that you may only choose 1 Shak mod. Everything else is fair game, including expensive stuff like Triage and Oblits.
Total value: It depends on exactly what you choose and how you customize it, but in most cases, it'll be worth 75-80 TB.

2nd place: You win a  4s 3 var BOM, with you choosing the vars, and an integrate PU for you to add a 5th mod of your choice. It will not come with mods, but will still be quite valuable.
Total value: There really isn't a stable price on this, but if I had to guess, somewhere in the 40-50 TB range.

3rd place: You win 1 bandit's eye. This is what you use to add the + to a command unit of choice. Said unit will not be provided, however, you have to win for that. :)
Value: Roughly 30 TB

Consolation prize: If you score at least 200 points, but do not win one of the top prizes, you will receive a 10 TB bonus in addition to any TB earned normally during the contest.


Good luck to all CCers!
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