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Author Topic: Random Worldwide Trade Federation screenshots anyone? (Random W-T-F screenshots)  (Read 7033 times)


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First, for those woundering, Chris's odd coding job appears to swap W T F out with "Worldwide Trade Federation" for some reason

Don't have much atm as im on a new comp, so no older screenshots... but...

First ones happened tonight.. at about 3:45 am.. on a tues, nowhere near WoE time

Taekwon fun... how the fawk do i kill 100 photon cannons tho...

1*2 = 2, 2*2 = 4, 4*4 = 8, 8*8 = GAOFUN!

a confused egg?

-HP win

i hate jups deadcells...

this quest gives hours of fun when bored

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