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Author Topic: Expendable storage  (Read 2013 times)


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Expendable storage
« on: May 21, 2010, 09:33:17 pm »
One thing that would help a lot of newbies is access to a large pool of units that they can simply take as needed. We already have a pile in there, and will add more as we learn who favors what, but currently, access is limited. There's 3 ways we can handle this:

1. Keep it as it is, you have to ask to get the units. This avoids anyone running off with our stash, but also makes actually getting units you need a pain in the ass. IMO, this defeats the whole point of having an expendable pool in the first place.

2. Give everyone storage rights. This way, you simply take what you need. If someone cleans us out, we can just neg and kick them - it's no big loss. The catch is that it's impossible to give anyone access to our unit pool without also giving them access to our buildings, and those are significantly harder to replace - especially when we cross the 20k mark and start needing real bases on Hadeus. We basically have to decide if if it's worth the risk.

3. Sell everything in the pool to faction only, for 1 credit. This allows people to take what they need, minus the buildings. This would seem like the ideal solution, but there's 2 catches:
-We have to post all of those, 1 at a time. You can imagine how much clicking that's going to involve when we throw 300 probes up there.
-The game doesn't separate the normal market from the faction one, so every time anyone uses the market, they're going to have to wait for that whole pile to load.

It's a tough call between #2 and #3 IMO. Thoughts? Comments? Other Ideas?
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