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FP Plans
« on: May 05, 2010, 12:26:34 am »
Currently, we're planning on leveling the faction as follows:

Shared slots are NOT currently planned to be a major focus, although we will definitely get a decent stack of them.

As for buying strux, we can't do that at all until we have 30k FP, so... worry about that in the future. :P

As with everything in CC, this is open to discussion. If you think we should be following a different path, by all means, discuss it here. :)

Payouts: Having a payout system can attract people to focus on earning FP more than they otherwise wouldn't, which can advance CC much faster than normal, and that of course is good for all of us. On the flipside, those payouts will be burning faction resources that could be going to things like buying strux for our share slots, getting a stronger base, having a unit reserve, etc. We definitely need a careful balance for it to be worth it. Here's my idea for a payout system:

Hadeus: 1 capture = 1 TB
Dominus: 1 TB per 20 FP, rounded up, but no reward for single digit results
Zedus and Aldus: Same as Dominus
Hellion and Infernus: I'm thinking 20 FP = 1 TB as well here, although of course, there's usually multiple players involved in these, so we may need some kind of weird system.
I'm also thinking of doing 30 day FP contests, where the grand prize is something like an activated command meka, and 2nd and 3rd place get something lesser.
Of course, if we implement this, any and all donations to the faction resource pool would be greatly appreciated, as I'll otherwise be covering most of this, at least until we get decent at Shak raiding and such.

THE ABOVE IS A DRAFT. I want to hear what everyone has to say before actually committing to a system (or perhaps not if people don't want one.) Please post your ideas here.
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Re: FP Plans
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2010, 04:19:59 am »
Alrighty, due to my delicate position, i'd first like to say sorry and that i wont be able to help much on the FP gaining, but im more then happy to help w/ the funding of it, and as always, im going full out toward the Shak Runs, my BAX is basically ready to tank; just need to work on plausible killers. i like the ideas =)