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Author Topic: What happened, where we go from here, etc.  (Read 6864 times)


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What happened, where we go from here, etc.
« on: January 24, 2010, 12:04:59 am »
Ok, for those of you haven't really been following the whole mess, here's what happened:

1a. DyCyn, for the 5th (or is it the 6th, I don't even remember anymore) consecutive year, forgot to renew our domain. As I now own the server itself, the site itself remained active, but completely inaccessible.
1b. As an added bonus, his inbox is full (probably still is), making it impossible to tell him to renew it.
1c. No, he never gave me the password, so I couldn't just log in and pay the damn bill.

2a. We decided that since the new site is supposed to be a full gamer's site, that includes our guilds & clans, but it not just that, wasn't a terribly good name anyway... so we decided to just let the domain die and move on.
2b. I coded up an incredibly lame-ass "forum" script to discuss our new name.
2c. We found out that entirely too many names have alternate meaings, are too hard to remember, or otherwise have issues despite sounding good on the surface.
2d. We finally ended up with Chaos Cluster as our name.

3a. I purchased the new domain.
3b. I updated the settings in 3 out of 4 places, pointing our domain effectively to nowhere.
3c. I fixed this the next day, then realized the forums were force-using the old domain.
3d. I fixed this today, and we should now be up and running.

We're back. :)

From here, we need to do a few things:
-Replace all instances of "The Rising Alliance" and "RA" with "Chaos Cluster" and "CC"
-Get a new logo
-Clean up our forums, add a couple, etc.

Once those basic things are done, it's time to really get moving again. I'm going to be starting a massive recruiting campaign in RO, and anyone else who wants to start a clan/guild/whatever should let me know.

I'm also planning on getting some of our info links actually working, and getting our first major tool up to attract people here for reasons other than clans & guilds.

Welcome back everyone. :)
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Re: What happened, where we go from here, etc.
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2010, 04:00:35 am »
woohoo! so do we have anyone with any artistic abilities that could do up our coat of arms thingie?
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So... this is what happens when you go on a cream pie craze and hop on chat :p
[clan]Galeesa: please take those pants off :p
[clan] HamsterishOne: ...really or in game :P
[clan] Galeesa: really
[clan] Galeesa: please take it off
[clan] Chrono64: okay
[clan] Chrono64: I took down the pants, yet it continues...
[clan] Galeesa: hehe
[clan] Galeesa: and he's just mad that he's still pulling cream out his nose :-p
[clan] Chrono64: I thought I got rid beyond the damn pants
[clan] Chrono64: XD
[clan] Chrono64: just wipe it along
[clan] Galeesa: ROFLMFAO!!!
[clan] HamsterishOne: ...I don't want to know why you just yelled out that you'd got 'it' off do I?
[clan] Chrono64: you'll just have sticky hands throughout one adventure


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Re: What happened, where we go from here, etc.
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2010, 01:09:59 pm »
I'll give it a go at some point, but I have stupidly little time to try, so I'll just be a last resort so much other stuff to be doing, but it is very good to be on a real forum again :)
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