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Introductions / Re: I Received an E-mail
« Last post by Trerro on July 04, 2018, 09:01:15 pm »
Welcome back!

I wouldn't worry about a preference for fora over chats, as CC's been a mix of both for most of its history. Even in our KoC glory days, where we got something insane like 150k posts in 2 years, we had a decently active IRC room, and after our IRC server croaked, we were running an XFire room for years after that. Discord's simply new, better tech, for something we've pretty much always done. MMOs also usually have in-game chat rooms, so there's that as well - even most of our browser games have/had a chat interface. So... our 2019 collective post count probably isn't going to look like our 2005 one, but this site should still be active and running, and with several of us planning on doing things like thread games and play-by-post RPs, there should be a good number of people checking in regularly (which in turn means anyone starting a thread should find people posting in it). It's true that the internet collectively has shifted less in a forum and more in a chat direction (primarily because using forum software on a cell phone is a royal pain), but it's not as large a shift as you might think - they're two different communication media, and they both excel at different kinds of conversations. New tech doesn't really change that fact.

Lack of time affects all of us to at least some extent - I doubt any of us have the free time we did in high school or college (though we'll find new people who do). The thing is, we don't need to.. CC's always been run democratically, with people dropping in and out as time permits, and our list of games has always included a couple of quick browser things that require minimal time (Forge of Empires currently, we could probably get KoL going again as well if people are interested, and certain cell phone games wouldn't be bad choices as well), as well as several people not actually playing any of our stuff and simply hanging out. This won't be any less true in the new generation of the group.

The community is one big, happy chaotic mess by design, and the idea is that there's always something for everyone to do, with whatever time they're willing and able to commit, and everyone is always welcome.
Introductions / I Received an E-mail
« Last post by Tyred on June 29, 2018, 09:53:40 pm »
It has been a long time.

Sure, I've lurked here periodically, posting randomly in the shoutbox on occasion, but I haven't actually posted anything in a long time. Zippy's E-mail changed that. If nothing else, I can contribute a summary of my life from nearly the last decade.

To catch everyone up:

  • I graduated college, got a job working full time at the mouth of hell.
  • I moved to a small Midwestern city where I continue to make my home.
  • I had two kids, who combined to immediately take up all my time, and thus my forays onto the internet grew fewer and fewer.

I have quickly become a dinosaur. Games, memes, internet sites of great renown all flew past without even a hint of recognition. For those of you who have not had the privilege of growing old... it sucks.

Well, not all of it.

Anyway, it was good to see this place still running. I expect that I will not contribute much, as I have more affinity for fora than I do chat programs. Still, it's nice to see some very old handles popping up again.

I updated my signature with the new anniversary counter, but nearly everything else remains an accurate reflection of me.

Terraria / Expert Mode
« Last post by Sonya the fox on June 28, 2018, 08:05:48 am »
For anyone who liked playing Terraria and didn't see that update slide through, they expanded the game some with a few new bosses like the Lunatics, and also made Expert Mode (not to be confused with Hardmode or -core).  This is a per world setting, and it greatly boosts the difficulty of the game while also giving unique rewards (most notably the consumable from beating the Wall of Flesh that unlocks another accessory slot for use in Expert worlds.  It not only boosts the single player difficulty, but it also corrects the scaling for additional players in multiplayer so that bringing a party doesn't make bosses feel weak.

On another note: I'm thinking about taking another crack at this if anyone wishes to join my foolish endeavor.
Introductions / The_black_assalant returns as Faith
« Last post by The_Black_Assalant on June 26, 2018, 12:37:56 am »
Once upon a Time I played as
the black assalant
In a game called kings of chaos.

I played in a few games with the then RA "the rising alliance"

I settled down in Runescape with Kerwerble and Viggodam. And have been silently grinding there for nearly 15 years.

We played atlantica for a time, but it become to pay to pawn.

I also currently dabble in a game called zgirls on android.

A little about me.

I play a female avatar known as Faith, currently with a clan named forever outcast where I'm an admin. Revel precedes my name in honor of the clan I spent years in before it died.

12 years ago during a quest on a role playing world, admittedly I was drinking a few drinks. I "haha" got into it with a NPC named the make over mage. Part of the quest required you to be a female charecter. I made a huge fuss out of it blah blah blah. When went back to finish I was still mouthing her and there was another player telling me not to make her mad. So I kept mouthing telling her to get busy and change me back....the other player picked up the role of the mage and refused to turn now Faith, back into The black assalant. So I role played the mad now female kicking her feet and whining and over time she excepted her fate and decided one day she would return and the mage would see the black assalant had changed and would restore him.

I become attached to the look of the female avatars in other games, and so now I just play as Faith in all the games I play.

My stats in Runescape are max 99 in all skills, 120 in invention. My bank is 1.4 bill cash and gear. I am a solo bosser, but love to take teams and teach new players.

There is a free world and paid world. You can make enough on a mid level accout to pay for a subscription.

It is good to be back. I really hope I see some old faces.
General Development / Welcome to Game Dev
« Last post by Trerro on June 25, 2018, 07:47:36 pm »
This is for discussion of all aspects of game development - sharing your project, asking for help, discussing techniques, discussing the medium in general, etc.

If you'd like a subforum for a major project (especially if it's mainly/entirely CCers building it, but it doesn't have to be), please ask and I'll make it.
Play-by-Post / The 1 minute explanation of what this forum is for
« Last post by Trerro on June 25, 2018, 07:26:07 pm »
Play-by-post is exactly what it sounds like - an RP that runs a post at a time. This can range from simply a cooperative story, to a standard tabletop ruleset, just being run a post at a time.

Since each thread -is- the RP in question, anyone creating one should of course state the setting, rules, etc, in the initial post. If you're doing something more complex - say, a world where each thread is a play-by-post RP, but there's an overarching setting and characters, feel free to request a subforum to run that out of.

Anyone is free to run either type of RP here, as well as to discuss the medium, ask for help making characters, etc.
Freeform RP / Info and Discord RP server
« Last post by Trerro on June 25, 2018, 07:20:52 pm »
The CC Discord RP server is at:

This is for freeform RP - generally more story-based, system-less stuff, where everyone simply says what they do. These can be GMed or not, depending on the setup. Feel free to discuss anything related to that type of RP here, whether or not it's being done through CC.

I've made this a separate forum from the tabletop system-based campaigns, as they tend to have a very different feel to them, and to play quite differently. If splitting the two seems pointless, please let me know, and I'll open a poll as to whether this should indeed be its own forum, or if we should simply have "play-by-post" and "everything else".
Tabletop Campaigns / Info and Discord RP server
« Last post by Trerro on June 25, 2018, 07:12:57 pm »
The CC Discord RP server link is:

Welcome to the tabletop campaigns forum! Feel free to discuss any RP campaign you're involved in, whether as GM or player. Discussion of things that you're thinking of running is also fine, as are recruitment threads, and threads that simply discuss the hobby in general. Games discussed do NOT have to be CC-run.

If you are GMing a campaign of any kind, and would like your own subforum for it, simply ask, and one will be created.
Tabletop Campaigns / Discord server for D&D and general rping
« Last post by scottyikilu on June 25, 2018, 07:12:10 pm »
We have made a discord server for just rping and D&D that is different from our normal CC discord the link is if you would like to start anything on the server message Scottyikilu, Trerro or Sonyathefox for a text and or voice channel to be made for you.
Forge of Empires / Shameless recruiting link thread :p
« Last post by Trerro on June 22, 2018, 12:22:24 am »
If you'd like to post your recruitment link, please do so here. If you're joining the game, please do it through someone's link... they get free stuff.

Mine is:
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