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Spam Factory & Containment Facility / My storm damage afk
« on: June 26, 2010, 03:35:21 am »
this is ugly and not for the faint of heart

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

I wont boar you with details and such as to the extent of the damage/cost/insurance,just know that ill be thinking of you all while i grind this mountain into a mole hill  :'(   This could have been a lot worse,my wife usually naps at the time that came crashing down. anyway,play hard and ill be back as soon as i possibly can

Off Topic / Happy B-day to Cztram
« on: June 15, 2010, 04:03:10 pm »
Happy B-day man,have a fantastic safe fun day  ;D

Thing's you will need "azzy's ai controller found here   Open the folder,go to the ai control click azzy ai/what you named it go to merc tab,click default tactic and set it to as follow's

basic behavior/ attack high

Ok so you all have seen the out dated guide's of wiki for iro and the have finshed guide's guides on the main forum's telling you places and where would be best to level.    This is a guide "to Ymir only" on how to power level most any account.

Start on noob island "if your just starting" by doing all the little quest there. Talk to everyone,you should be at base 8 or higher before you leave.

From the very start of thing's buy a few spear merc's at level 15. They are very cheap and can easily be obtained buy farming garbage or asking for a small loan from a guild member.

2. once you have your spear merc's "at least 10" "located in pontera to left" enter the building and talk to the recruiter,agree to help and you will be telly-ed to pont  Culvert.

3. click on the merc scroll and then enter the culvert,only a hand full of thing are agressive here.

4. walk around the map stopping only long enough to attack/let you merc kill a mob.

5. at level 25,go buy 10 level 2 spear merc's and head for floor's 2-3 "carry potions with you at this time as there are aggro mobs here"

6.after you are done with your 10 level 2 merc's you should be around level 40-45 "make sure at job 10 you change to your desired job class" level 55 move your self to payon "pont warp to payon and save.

8. walk up to archer village,that to the top right side of payon.

9 take the second left to the bowman merc guild and buy 10 level 5 merc's.

10. walk back down to payon and out the right side of the map

11. walk over and out the bottom of this map

12.walk right out of this map

13. Now you should see doki's/greatest general's,spore's and nine tails "avoid the 9 tails buy useing fly wing's"

14.walk the map over and over picking up the doki horn's you and you merc just collected "keep them to sale or use them for the turn for quicker leveling"

this is by far the fastest/easiest/cheapest way i have found to level a character.   I would say in 24 hours worth the game play you should hit the mid 60's and both job changes with ease

edit: due to changes or over sites im altering this guide to reflect the new/over looked merc levels.

Change's made "movement from pont to payon at 55 and merc grade 4 was changed to 5


Kings of Babylon / Lousy cheatin mother RAWR!
« on: May 12, 2010, 08:36:07 pm »
WE had a lock on this round with 1 hour and 30 mins in the round ahead by 150 over all point's Green with the help of orange and yellow knocked us out of number 1 with mins' literly like 4 mins left by clearing all there troops and sacraficeing villiges to counquers and resources. in a hour and a half they mounted 3 times as much points as they had starting today BUILT UP FROM THE WHOLE ROUND! in 1 hour and 30 mins. that's some of the worst player's i have seen in a game to band up to take out 1 realm that worked as hard as we did to get to where we were. sigh,i needed to vent my angiusih. 3 months of work gone in litteraly 1 and half hours  :'(     

next round start's in a week and ill be there again ploting are take over of the game MUHAHAHA

Ragnarok Online / My return
« on: May 08, 2010, 10:28:56 pm »
Look's like i picked a good time,3 times xp for a week and a huge dragon killing event. Here is where Im having problems. Money,im out of pot's and my merchent is holding the cash. not a big deal i figured out ican buy them on my merchent and store them to pick them up on flash.       5 level "soon to be 4" of jobs before i can swap to sin x,why is this a problem you ask. as a high sin with 50's strengh and intel 0 agilty im getting smacked around by peon mobs  >:(

If you are a ra player still playing iro let me know if you can help with cash or pots till i can get to level 50 job and go soul destroyer on some chit :P  looking forward to seeing you trerro Meep

Off Topic / Im back,but busy
« on: February 16, 2010, 11:58:10 am »
I am back online but very busy. 2 weeks ago i decided on fixing a weak spot in are living room floor after about 2 days of ripping up rotted floor and repairing floor joint's we decided on a full remodel of are home  :o after i fixed the floor i hung dry wall,followed by wall board about 3 feet up the wall,followed by paint,then trim then carpet whew :D koc had nothing on this LOL. today im moveing to the hall way and bed room,then it's the kitchen and finally the office and bathroom. with any luck i should be finshed in about another 14 days. ill try to get some before and afters of the rooms to post to show my progress ;D hope everyone is well and ill talk to you all soon

Other Games / Secret of solstice
« on: January 26, 2010, 06:35:54 am »
Yes Trerro,I hear you as I type this "outspark cash shop,what about IRO and so on"

Yes outspark game's do have a cash shop,and at higher levels to gain quick xp you need there xp books from there shop. that being said,with the state of my finace's I dont have the cash for a p2p only game at this time  ;) dont mean I cant help rebuild the CC in another game.

A little back story, during my waiting for my video card so i could play atlantica,and before i went to IRO I played sos for about 2 week's. when i went back I found out there had been a server hack about a month after I left and kron "game currency" was spread around in mass. to combat that they made several item's rare that dropped all the time in beta,I was playing beta  :o when i checked my bank,i had about 28 mill worth the stuff,that when i left was worthless. in a few hours i became one of the richest noobs in the game for my level. I have used that to power house 2 account's up 1 squire level 44,and a scout level 64.  with my current leveling progress I should beable to set up a guild and max it out in under a month with active player's.  This could become a viable game for are forums. It is also possable that a ra player will be running a kob realm next round. I will be playing but as a defencive player only way out in the boons. 

Kings of Babylon / honering the legendary member's
« on: December 11, 2009, 08:30:04 pm »
For the remaining of my villages im gonna honer so of are great member's that have left ra starting with breakdown v2.0  :D and work my way around. if you rember a player of ra that deserve's to be honered then let me know so i can build my list.

Kings of Babylon / resource request thread
« on: December 03, 2009, 01:34:09 pm »
 ;) we know what this is for :P

if you guy's need resources just post how much and when your usally on and ill pump it out

Kings of Babylon / Advanced guide "troop building"
« on: November 28, 2009, 04:56:56 pm »
Congrat's you survived my begginers Guide.

Welcome to advanced building and troops.          From where we last lead off,we are going to discuss build troop's,to start off with

Forth day "if you started day one at the start of a new round"
you will need 3 barreck's all to level 5,a food and gold income of no less then 2k a hour each and time. start by building your other 2 barreck's "you should have one from before" build them all to level 5. I do this buy the number's so thru them once to build,again to level 1 then 2 up till 5. now is where the time come's in,you are going to make 1000 spies  :o yes thats what i said 1k spies. these will keep people from spying your troops and resources witch will keep you from getting farmed for a few days in most case's. after them 1k spies make 1k sword's "this will take you about  33 1/2 hour's yes that is a lot of time. from there repeat the resource upgrade portion of my last thread adding to warehouse as needed.

"mid round start" For a mid round start the spies are not an option so make up 2k swords under ceaces fire if needed and cross your finger's for more time to build them,support will be easiser to get mid round rather then the first week.

Castle building opun getting your castle you can make a new sword called a jannisery,these are swords on steriroids  ;) take barreck's 3 times the resources shake well and injoy

Fort's these are combat heavy fortified men masher's. I dont not have one yet but will get this filed as soon as i get some behind the wheel in  ;D

no need to take my word for it look at my rank and it speaks for it's self. check these often as they will be updated wit hthe latest and the greatest of info

Spam Factory & Containment Facility / zippy's legion is under attack
« on: November 28, 2009, 02:12:36 pm »

the carnege is allmost to great to watch

Off Topic / Phone tool's AGAIN!
« on: November 18, 2009, 09:37:07 pm »
as a few people might rember from the old ra site,i had problems with a missing motorla phone tools disk and was directed to a torrent to download a new set rather then buying a new disk "50 buck's" is there any way shape or program i can use to retrive pic's from my phone and put them on the pc.

I have the standerd razor phone v3 i think and really need to get the pics from the phone to the pc. thanks in advance

Other Games / KOB thread,7 days till start let's pick a side
« on: November 11, 2009, 03:12:35 pm »
Ok I played with purple and was treated very well. i was givein support such as troop's when under attack,food,gold,stone,wood,iron ect. Viggo played under periwinkel and seemed happy and gal said grey relm.

keep in mind there mergeing the 2 relms togeather,this could change the game considerably in the diffrent relm's.

I promised purple to join there relm next round prior to the annoucment they seem to be the most liked and most neutral of server 1's group's and there only requirement is 1 time a 24 hour log in so for are "less then active player's" that would make purple a great choice

Feedback & Bug Reports / loggin rejection/random log out
« on: October 24, 2009, 10:09:57 pm »
im getting a funny password incorrect everytime i log in and i know it is right and it's a saved pass,after 2-3 loggin's it works.

then im getting timed out  ??? this has never happened before. any advice

Spam Factory & Containment Facility / Count to 2000 with a twist
« on: October 23, 2009, 09:11:36 pm »
count to 2000 in any other language but english  :o GO!

uno=spanish for 1

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