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Introductions / The_black_assalant returns as Faith
« on: June 26, 2018, 12:37:56 am »
Once upon a Time I played as
the black assalant
In a game called kings of chaos.

I played in a few games with the then RA "the rising alliance"

I settled down in Runescape with Kerwerble and Viggodam. And have been silently grinding there for nearly 15 years.

We played atlantica for a time, but it become to pay to pawn.

I also currently dabble in a game called zgirls on android.

A little about me.

I play a female avatar known as Faith, currently with a clan named forever outcast where I'm an admin. Revel precedes my name in honor of the clan I spent years in before it died.

12 years ago during a quest on a role playing world, admittedly I was drinking a few drinks. I "haha" got into it with a NPC named the make over mage. Part of the quest required you to be a female charecter. I made a huge fuss out of it blah blah blah. When went back to finish I was still mouthing her and there was another player telling me not to make her mad. So I kept mouthing telling her to get busy and change me back....the other player picked up the role of the mage and refused to turn now Faith, back into The black assalant. So I role played the mad now female kicking her feet and whining and over time she excepted her fate and decided one day she would return and the mage would see the black assalant had changed and would restore him.

I become attached to the look of the female avatars in other games, and so now I just play as Faith in all the games I play.

My stats in Runescape are max 99 in all skills, 120 in invention. My bank is 1.4 bill cash and gear. I am a solo bosser, but love to take teams and teach new players.

There is a free world and paid world. You can make enough on a mid level accout to pay for a subscription.

It is good to be back. I really hope I see some old faces.

Off Topic / Been a while,but need some help
« on: January 18, 2013, 01:38:53 am »
As I am sure many of you have noticed a long hiatus form the cluster.

First off let me tell you I alive and well/fat and happy.

Your ass lance has gone back to school and got his ged topping in the top 20% of graduating students in the state. Please hold the applause to lower rawer  ;D

Any way here is the deal,I have taken a page from are very own terro and gone in to the computer field. I am enrolled in desktop support track witch does a little bit of everything from coding and network admin,to security and hardware.

We are being given a chance at a few extra points of credit "im in 101 just starting or i would likely know" Where the primary binary library is located in the files on my computer

I'm on my same dell 2400 that i have been on since the start of my ra carer. The professor of the class was unsure where it would be located as well and thats why it is extra credit and we was told we could use any resource at are readily available hands to try and find a answer and I thought maybe one of the chaos cluster people would.

Plus it gives me a chance to update the guys and girls what i have been up to on my long down time.

Terro perhaps after i get thru my first set of coding classes i can bend a professionals ear a touch on the fundamentals and ethics of using the power of code  :P haha 

Thread Games / Re: The corrupt a wish game
« on: March 26, 2012, 09:14:04 pm »
People all care now more about each other then about profit. after 2 months the stock market crashes,the world falls in anarchy,and aliens now rule are planet.

I wish is was a data file  :P

Other Games / Runescape revisted
« on: December 24, 2011, 07:06:06 pm »
Ok as some of you may know We "me/viggodam/kerwerble" used to play runescape and about 2 month's ago we revived are clan and are trying to pull neo back in  :'( unsuccessfully. But have started to make great stride's toward recruting new memebers to the guild. so if you have a runescape account be sure to pop in once and a will and say hello. I have noticed xians a few times aka IlobyPie on rs though i think he forgot who i am.

Enjoy the holidays and ill see you all in the new year 

Off Topic / Need pc purches advice
« on: November 12, 2011, 08:21:49 pm »
OK me and the wife are gonna buy a new pc this black Friday and I have no idea witch of the one's i have found would be the best for the cost. here are link's to there bfads listing's.    At this time i dont play any 3d mmorpgs like atlantica but that could be a possibility in the fucter.   

Only thing I have been able to find out is AMD duel core's out performed Intel g620/i3 in the gaming test.   -number 1      - number 2                                                                                      -number 3                                                                                                                  -number 4

2 amd 2 intel. I was thing the 8g installed ram was best however im not sure,and i know terreo is a coder and deep into computers any advice would be helpful and yes the cost is the driving factor at the moument we can not exceed 400.00

thanks guys

Ragnarok Online / IRO economoy then/now
« on: June 05, 2011, 08:14:43 pm »
OK so I have been trying to clear some excess stuff from my account and noticed a lot has changed since i left.  Before i made all my cash on bottle's/horns/repeat item's and ect.   I was wondering what the new rage was for farming and selling so i can amass my fourtune again and also where is the hot training spot for sd sins or if there is now a better trans set up as i seen where there is a npc to reset your skills and stats 1 time for free if you have not yet used the rest after renewal. ill be getting very active again in iro with in the next week and would like a idea of whats hot to do and where to be hanging around at

CC General Discussion / Re: Odd user names have been appearing
« on: June 05, 2011, 08:08:47 pm »
are these messages coming in are cc inbox or are emails? cause i got nothing on my cc in box,and i use a spam guard provided by my email. good to know because i probably would of sent in a few buck to help out the cc. Time was you would get a donor heart,good times.

Ragnarok Online / Re: RAG NOW F2P ALL SERVERS
« on: June 02, 2011, 07:37:49 pm »
yea Im trying,i had deleted the client and gave lomaz allmost all my good gear.  "Hey lomaz,i know you have low band width and such but if you have a freind that can pass me back a few things to tied me over till i get some cash up to repay you the 20buck's i owe you for membership dews that would be great =)

Ragnarok Online / RAG NOW F2P ALL SERVERS
« on: May 27, 2011, 09:43:55 pm »
JUst got the email littlerly seconds ago. they did away with p2p servers and instead made a item that incresses drop rate and xp smells a come back  ;D

Serious Discussions and Debates / Re: Can a free MMO work?
« on: March 14, 2011, 02:23:43 am »
Haha resurectiong the dead here.  Can a free MMO work,no   

First you have your server cost,even if you are going to buy your own privet server your looking at a major cash dump,like said 10 players on a old 4 year pc would be ok,if you talking something like runescape's base 750k+ active players around the clock your gonna need a fleet of server's.

2.The better the actual game play,the higher the player base will be. If you think about it,art work is the corner stone of your game. if you wanted 8 bit graphics you would buy a nintendo. being cool cost and in mmo's your either top banana or in the delete bin.

there is an exception and KOC was a good exzample.  I loby games like KOB,and that one we were playin where nosh was godly on the top of the pole.    If you wanted a web based game like those and managed a high enough player base that you could use ad's to support it you might make a profit but i dont really consider them mmo. 

I am all for it gay marriage "ill start with this part first"   Over the course of the last 100 years we have seen a great many changes in are society and the biggest of which im going to name is the segregation of race's in the 70's. Though I was not born then I know a lot of African American men and women as well as Caucasian/white people that were at the race riot's. Wheres does this fit in?  It's a change that a lot of people disagree with and are fighting the same way they did then.    We are all human being's,none of use are perfect.   

If 2 people honestly love each other then they should have the same right's and privileges as a straight couple.  In Utah "i think that's where it is it's legal to have more then one wife "polygamy" but since it's a right of there beliefs it's ok.      I know a lot of the church's depict gay marriage as an afrontment to god,and maybe it is but i think it's more the fact that it's a slap in the face to the straight lace society of the white picket fence,wife and 2 kids that has been pounded into children for hundred's of years possibly even thousands. It's a more then a choice though,At last i think   


This was posted to my local papers site and i stumbled on it tonight while looking thru are online auction

For the time being Im not going to tell you if i have or will comment to it.

Whats your view of GBLT people and there rights as such,primarily marriage but not limited to it.

Other Games / Re: Legend of Edda
« on: February 03, 2011, 09:23:48 pm »

your's didnt work for me.   I have since left the guild i was in and joined up with SoulGenis and im running sd runs for the elite gear  ;D hate the upg thing,you need +7 body and weapon to beable to fight snow dragon or ruffly 40 gloves. I bought 100 dollars worth there cc "store money" and got 200 worth of it got my body and weapon up and sold the rest for rediclus amount of money 1.1billion LOL when they clear out all the botters and gold sellers and rapid deflate the economy ill be one of the richest players in the game LOL  ::) yes i know 100 bucks! that will be all the money i ever put into the game unless something uber elite goes in there shop.

Other Games / Legend of Edda
« on: January 07, 2011, 03:28:54 am »
Ok as you may have noticed I did my famous disappearing TBA act again.   I found a new game that just started back in October "i just started 2 weeks ago"   this is a f2p by game campus and a really good one. It's based around major pvp aspects and it is a item mall game witch i can here the "atlantica   argument" yes they do have the crap upgrade system where the safe level is 2 "after witch you need upgrade gloves to protect your item from breaking" and things break more easily as they gain in strength. There is room for the chaos cluster in this game,in fact i have already been made the leader of a active guild "star frost" with about 20 member's .     The break down of the game is there are to factions Olympians/titans    and in order to play with your friends you have to belong to the same faction as the titans and Olympians are keep separate  except when you are in disputed land's or war "war's happen every 30 mins and have different level rule's IE grade one is for players level 1-19 and in there first job class,grade 2 is for players level 20-40 and at there second job class,then there is all witch is a free for all.  they have special Armour and   weapons for each class that can be bought with god point's earned from the war's and pking other player's. aside from the upg's in there item shop there are no game breaking item's at this time.    I think it would be a great place to try and establish a game based membership drive for the forum's as we can set up a guild both as titans and Olympians "half of us as one and half as the other" and with the game being on a few months old there are no mega guilds or alliances yet :o   this could be just what we need. if anyone decides to try it out I go by FaithfulArrow in game "same as atlantica was" and im a Olympian chaser level 40  :D yea maxed in less then 2 weeks cause i have no life but can also help new players build up there gear a bit faster then a scratch start.

Oh yea one more thing,they give's you 5 coins a day to run dungeons that give money and box's so thats a plus and they are having 2x xp drops and god point's. so now is the perfect time to try this game out 

Ragnarok Online / what ever got decided?
« on: October 29, 2010, 08:52:43 pm »
Ok so im planning on returning to Iro in a couple days =)  are we moving to the new server? did they make it so you can transfer gear and charterer's?  someone let me know,im ready to return  :o

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