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Title: Clan?
Post by: GPH on November 18, 2013, 02:04:37 pm
Logged in for the first time in quite a while today.

Has our clan been disbanded or did I just get kicked for inactivity? :o
Title: Re: Clan?
Post by: Trerro on November 19, 2013, 12:03:30 am
Crap... it looks like none of the usual rotating leaders have been on in months, and someone named Shelldor took over ours, and multiple other clans, using place holder accounts. We may have just lost everything, including those 1 time items we probably can never get again. Apparently, regardless of rights, anyone can take over if no one of higher rank has been on in a month.

Hopefully if enough of us contact KoL staff, we can at least get the *clan* back, with name, stats, those buildings we'd never be able to get again, etc. The storage is of course long gone, but that's far less important.

I've started a thread here:

I'm not sure if there's any kind of official support thing I can use, if there is, I'm not seeing it.
Title: Re: Clan?
Post by: Galeesa on November 21, 2013, 02:37:51 am
Holy Shiznit! Just posted in the forum, sent this Sheldon guy a kmail, and thinking about kmailing what's her name about this, or maybe Jick (though I doubt he'd respond)

Who is this guy? Has anyone had any contact with him yet?

KMail to Czar:

To Multi Czar (#6) [reply]
Date: Wednesday, November 20, 2013, 10:22PM

Good Evening,

 I just recently came back from a deployment to find that the clan (The Power of Meep), of which I was leader at the time, had been completely decimated. All of the players that I had been playing with had been kicked out (myself included), and it contained only two members, Sheldon and Place Holding. Many of the clan have been playing this game since 2006 and take a few month hiatus from time to time now since we have been playing this game for 7 years. Everyone of those members, however, had dropped real money on this game hoping that would help us maintain our permanency in the game.
 I know I bought into the game after my first account had been wiped during my first deployment to Iraq, and I lost all my time shards and other one time items. I just find it hard to believe that I can serve my country and come home to find that everything that I spent years building up, completely destroyed with no chance of returning to it. (He's disabled applications and hasn't responded to messages so I've been told)
 But even if we cant get the clan back, is there anyway for us to restart a clan that has all the Mr. A and one time items up that we put into it? I know that I've probably spent over $150 on this game myself with the intent to spend more when I got home, but without m a clan with my friends to do tube runs for and what-not... the drive just isn't there, you know?

 If you need more information, or if there is anything else that you need from me to that might help you in making your decision on our fate, please let me know... I'm racing nightly maintenance at the moment. I did send the current leader of our clan a message asking if he would be kind enough to hand it back over, but I haven't received a response yet.

Title: Re: Clan?
Post by: Pitvrug on November 21, 2013, 08:48:15 am
Crap... it looks like none of the usual rotating leaders have been on in months
Bad not-rotating leaders :P

That being said, crap guys, I feel for you :( how did this Sheldor ass get into your clan (not even sure if I was part of the clan?)
Title: Re: Clan?
Post by: Galeesa on November 22, 2013, 02:12:14 am
So... I logged in today to find myself whitelisted by the grace of #6... everyone send him much loby and thanks and I will be whitelisting GPH and Trerro for the time being.

... btw we evidently hit a sore spot for a few members on the forums there :p

oh and it's this TheMan guy that screwed us over and may be the owner of this place holder guy...

and the proof:

11/11/13, 10:16AM: Place Holding (#2435378) changed Rank for RattyLabray (#1010289).
11/08/13, 09:18AM: Place Holding (#2435378) changed the clan credo.
11/08/13, 02:47AM: Place Holding (#2435378) changed Rank for Place Holding (#2435378).
11/07/13, 09:56PM: Place Holding (#2435378) modified a Rank (Dungeoneer).
11/07/13, 09:56PM: Place Holding (#2435378) deleted a Rank (Leader of Meep).
11/07/13, 09:56PM: Place Holding (#2435378) deleted a Rank (Meepage).
11/07/13, 03:12AM: THEMAN555 (#1628548) transferred leadership to Place Holding (#2435378).
11/07/13, 12:42AM: THEMAN555 (#1628548) changed Rank for THEMAN555 (#1628548).

11/07/13, 03:12AM: THEMAN555 (#1628548) joined another clan.
11/07/13, 03:11AM: Place Holding (#2435378) was accepted into the clan (whitelist)
11/07/13, 12:42AM: THEMAN555 (#1628548) booted HamsterishOne (#1157644).
11/07/13, 12:42AM: THEMAN555 (#1628548) booted Galeesa (#1157903).
11/07/13, 12:42AM: THEMAN555 (#1628548) booted El Juan (#1255113).
11/07/13, 12:42AM: THEMAN555 (#1628548) booted kinhyu (#2217012).
11/07/13, 12:42AM: THEMAN555 (#1628548) booted ImObscure (#1597441).
11/07/13, 12:42AM: THEMAN555 (#1628548) booted Neo (#1830996).
11/07/13, 12:42AM: THEMAN555 (#1628548) booted Kelerain (#1990549).
11/07/13, 12:42AM: THEMAN555 (#1628548) booted Skeeter Melviden (#2216835).
11/07/13, 12:42AM: THEMAN555 (#1628548) booted Mikano Melviden (#2221593).
11/07/13, 12:42AM: THEMAN555 (#1628548) booted Tyred_Soul (#738109).
11/07/13, 12:42AM: THEMAN555 (#1628548) booted Mwrip (#511753).
11/07/13, 12:42AM: THEMAN555 (#1628548) booted Royalfalcon (#169926).
11/07/13, 12:42AM: THEMAN555 (#1628548) booted Lomaz (#2089175).
11/07/13, 12:42AM: THEMAN555 (#1628548) booted Aseelag (#2007381).
11/07/13, 12:42AM: THEMAN555 (#1628548) booted Pitvrug (#2309986).
11/07/13, 12:42AM: THEMAN555 (#1628548) booted Hihahahalol (#2231152).
11/07/13, 12:42AM: THEMAN555 (#1628548) booted scottyikilu (#2323389).

...and obviously the stash has been wiped cleaned including the extra VIP invites we put in there and the  Mr. A
Title: Re: Clan?
Post by: Pitvrug on November 22, 2013, 07:39:14 am
My morning has been ruined all over again  >:(

No matter how they dress it up, shitheads like Aramada are directly condoning theft and deserve to have their teeth kicked in, or in this case, have their fingers smashed by a sledge hammer to stop them from spewing their garbage. (notice how I'm being nice and not creating a forum account on KoL to tell him/them this) (notice how I'm being even nicer and tracking him down and doing this to him/them, though mostly because I can't  :'( )

Other than that, I'm glad you guys got the clan back at least. And what's wrong with being 30? -_- other than suddenly having a lot more body parts hurt on a Sunday after playing cricket :/
Title: Re: Clan?
Post by: Trerro on November 22, 2013, 10:16:45 am
It doesn't look we got it back, we just have some way to *eventually* get it back. Gal's just been injected into it and made unkickable.

We can't invite anyone back that we won't whitelist - he can, and will, just purge them out again. Since he may try to get another multi in there and will likely kick anyone we don't whitelist, this means we can re-add all of our old members, but recruiting is impossible.

Our stash is gone, and we can't rebuild it because this asshat has full access to it and we can't remove him.

Our in-game forums and announcements are nuked, and we can't rebuild those either - he'll just delete them again.

We can't run instances because this guy can just destroy them before they finish.

Our rumpus room is still operational (though be prepared to re-buy stuff constantly).

Our VIP room is about the only thing he can't destroy.

So... we've got our name back, we can all get back in the door, and we can run the ascension cycle with our clan powers (mostly, possibly with extra meat needed) in tact, but it looks like it's going to be a looooong time before this is a functional CC clan again, unless we can get this guy out of here.

Gal, please re-whitelist and re-leader us when you see this. It looks like MultiCzar whitelisted me, but not as a leader, and I don't think anyone else was listed (though I currently can't check). If you DO have the ability to remove the asshat, please nuke him from orbit.
Title: Re: Clan?
Post by: Galeesa on November 23, 2013, 01:55:53 am
That whitelist was from me... I'm doing all I can to get us back into our old standing. I've even offered up my JEW hat to get him to disappear.... which will put him at +60 mil if he takes. Be happy I could get us this far...he did not want to set a precedent so we have to do much of it behind the scenes and make allies where we can... Aradama is not one to approach for help in this. However, I've had offers of help from other clans... So If we're persistant, we should prevail. I was told that Place Holding's account has been blocked. So we should have full control within a month


if there's anyone else that will be active for the coming month, please let me know. So I can add them to the whitelist


So after lots of psting and pming on the KoL forums... we simply have to wait for Place Holding to go inactive (roughly 3-4 weeks) and the clan should be ours assuming none of us go inactive in that time frame. I've been told that this account was disabled so that shouldn't be too difficult. Our thread on the forums was closed because the mods thought it was starting to get out of hand thanks to one individual, but that has also been taken care of.


 The Power of Meep should be ours again no later than the new year.

New Edit:

Meet me on KoL clan chat to discuss it all "/c clan"
Title: Re: Clan?
Post by: GPH on November 23, 2013, 02:22:27 pm
Thanks all.

Title: Re: Clan?
Post by: Pitvrug on November 25, 2013, 06:23:14 pm
Are you guys sorted in terms of active members in the clan now? I have no real interest in playing KoL again, but if you need bodies, I can log in every couple of days?
Title: Re: Clan?
Post by: smithymat on November 26, 2013, 01:46:39 am
Hi Guys,
Got to chatting with Galeesa in game as my clan was knicked in a similar way.

Have joined up with you lot to rebuild the place.

I've been around a while and been back for a few months so if you need help with anything, shoot me a kmail or I'm usually in /games.
Title: Re: Clan?
Post by: Tyred on November 26, 2013, 06:57:12 pm
I'm not going to guarantee anything, because my best intentions often go astray... BUT, if someone can bug me to do it, I can donate some items to the reclamation effort.

After I sold that CCW for way less than market value, I bought a number of Mr. A items after the fact that have greatly appreciated in value. While it pains me to part with those items, I could certainly do so, as they are no longer being actively used.

I think a good chunk of them are still on my person in-game, but I have a number of various and sundry items that could fund a rebuild.

Let me know.

Title: Re: Clan?
Post by: Galeesa on December 03, 2013, 01:09:56 am
I know I've missed a lot of the old members... are there any requests for ppl to be added to the whitelist? Preferably with player # included as it makes sure that I get the right one :p Glad to see the clan repopulate so quickly with the ones that I could remember offhand. I'm slowly adding the ones that were still in the logs when I took quasi-control back.

Pit- I just added you to the whitelist. Please don't be offended at the rank... I haven't had a chance to meet you here or in game yet. If someone wants to vouch for him or change his rank, by all means. I still want to go by the everyone's a leader motto... but maybe it's best if we put a probationary time period for new members. (Not saying you are, just new to me is all :p )

Also, can't remember if I posted this previously or not, but I do not have the capability to boot this asshat out of the clan as we are of semi-equal rankings (only he's still leader). So once the recycler comes through and deletes his account, I should be re-instated as leader with full control to divvy out permissions once again. My current level only permits me application processing and whitelisting. So if I've missed anyone and they don't want to wait for a whitelist, they can simply apply again as well. (Can't believe I forgot that part :P )
Title: Re: Clan?
Post by: Skeeter on April 13, 2014, 04:14:55 pm
Skeeter Melviden (#2216835)

Please re-add me and re-whitelist me.  I did buy us that Olympic Pool, and I was going to be pretty mad if that was gone.
Title: Re: Clan?
Post by: Pitvrug on May 16, 2014, 12:44:56 pm

It's finally happened! You're all offline, meaning I'm in charge now! I will enslave you all and use your riches to conquer the world!!

Or at least, you know, go sit behind the fancy desk and put my feet on it, maybe try to find a tv somewhere that I can watch, all while walking around naked  ;D
Title: Re: Clan?
Post by: mallaki on April 11, 2022, 05:58:35 am
someone mentioned kingdom of loathing and i decided to log back in