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Title: OrderChaos or Chaotica?
Post by: ZeroTigress on June 06, 2013, 06:04:30 am
Since RO2's character limit and alphanumeric restrictions prevent us from recreating "Order of Chaos" on RO2, Trerro decided to go with Chaotica as our RO2 guild name. But I'm not a big fan of Chaotica and even if they extended the character limit, we'd still have the alphanumeric restriction which prevents us from using spaces in guild names so we'd still can't remake it as "Order of Chaos."

Therefore, before we get too far in leveling the guild, I want to know if you guys would be willing to remake the guild as OrderChaos. It fits the current character limit and retains the feel of "Order of Chaos" on RO.

If money is an issue, I'm willing to put up the 20 zeny required to remake the guild and I'm prepared to donate the max amount of EXP to help get the guild's EXP back to where it was.

What do you guys think?